Video & Podcasting

WhiteOut Studio & Media specialises in producing quality audio and video content for private and corporate clients. We work closely with you to project the right message to your audience.

Why choose WhiteOut?

Audio & Podcasting

We help deliver unique, breakthrough titles that demand attention and tell essential stories in sports, comedy, entertainment, documentaries, fiction, narrative journalism and beyond.

Video Production

Looking to shoot something a little out of the ordinary? We can provide fresh, exciting content using our large studio or we can come to you, or any location.

How much does our podcast service cost?

In short, it depends on what format you’re looking for, e.g. a round table chat with scripting, the duration & number of episodes, and whether you need a presenter, hosting & distribution.

We’ve given you some ideas below and will be happy to set up a package to suit your needs.


We provide an end-to-end podcasting solution, from concept design through to distribution and marketing. Although you may have your own podcast setup already, there are many techniques which can be utilised to enhance your production and reach a wider, or more targeted audience.

Outsourcing your production to WhiteOut Studio & Media can help your brand grow, developing a podcast which excites and informs. We can either deliver your podcast in your existing workspace or you can make use of our purpose-built studio or any dedicated venue.

Video Production

We can host or provide high-end video production to suit your needs, for product, lifestyle or social media.

If you're already hosting your own podcast, you might want to maximise your content by adding video to your production for release on You Tube and other platforms. Vodcasts are a powerful tool to spread your exposure and optimise your message. Creating a vodcast alongside your audio-only platform gives you greater visibility across a wider audience.

We can either set up a mini-studio in your own podcasting workspace or we can provide you with an entirely new production setting at our site in Surrey, where our purpose built studio and infinity cove offers a space big enough for a full broadcast

Mobile Studio

We can produce a video production or podcast for you in the comfort of your home or at any location you prefer. You might want to add an extra element to your current show, or provide a ‘one-off special’. We can help you irrespective of where you want to broadcast your podcast/vodcast from.

Post Production

Although you might have captured all your required content, it still needs skilful editing to make the right impact. WhiteOut’s experienced editors can provide extensive post-production services, starting with the initial raw audio files, right through to a polished end product with tailor-made music and unique stylistic elements.

Look out for our upcoming shows…


Hit the road with Matt, Doug & Gareth. Three guys with passion, enthusiasm for all things bike related. When they’re not working on them, they’re playing with them.



• 3 x Birddog P200 Remote
• Broadcast Streaming Cameras
• Sony FS5 35mm Digital Camera
• Rode Podcaster 2 Audio
• Recording & Editing Desk
• Rode Podcaster Mics
• Rode Wireless Mics
• Kenro Tripods
• Devine Pro2000 Audio Headphones
• Pro PC for video capture & editing – dual screens
• Portable Green Screen
• Epson TW7000 Pro Projector
• Assorted Studio Lighting with coloured gels

Enhance your show with live feeds and guest commentaries
We can produce a full broadcast-ready, multi-camera production